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What people say about Aforistica/mente blog and its author :

A Fitzcarraldo of the aphorism that, instead of bringing the opera into the forest, tries to bring the aphorism in the desert. Aforistica/mente reaches the authors that, despite not appearing in any review, anthology and encyclopedia, wrote aphorisms of the highest level, explores countries and places on the margins of literature (the Guarani of Paraguay, the Mauritius, Macedonia) and translates from different languages helped by an extensive network of contacts around the world. A mad, visionary and monumental work, totally neglected by the publishers, the literary criticism and the academic world“.

So I’m sittin’ there, minding me own business, watchin’ the roses grow and smellin’ the grass–or is it the other way round? whatever!–when out of the blue I get this here communication (a bare few weeks ago) from Italy, the land of fashion, food, and Berlusconi, from a guy who is the spider at the center of this here thin spun but wide web of international aphorism aficionados. Roumania, Serbia, Finland, maybe even Outer Mongolia, are affected by this derangement. Who even knew of the existence of such an underground Commintern bent on overthrowing (surely not by fraud and violence) all traditional expository discourse, non-fiction writing, essays and monographs, and replace them with lightning flashes of a sentence or two or three? In this brave new world or Orwellian dystopia, there will be no more paragraphs or essays, no elaboration, illustration, or clarification. You either get it or you’re outta there! Under this new revolutionary regime, you, the reader, from now on have to do the mental heavy lifting, while we writers relax in our hammocks at our dachas and pare our fingernails

The Belgrade Aphoristic Circle awards the prize “Zlatni Krug” to Aforistica/mente blog for the promotion of Serbian aphorisms in the world”


Fabrizio Caramagna was born in Turin in 1969. He graduated in Arts with a degree thesis on Turin poet Guido Gozzano. He is a student of the aphoristic genre and writes aphorisms himself.

In 2009 he published a collection of aphorisms called Contagocce with the Turin publishing house Genesi, mention of honour at the “Torino in Sintesi 2010 Aphorism International Award”.

In January 2010 he opened the blog Aforistica/mente.

In a web world dominated by hardly reliable collections of “quotations”, “jokes” and “pearls” (the so-called “pearls of wisdom”), the blog Aforistica/mente aims at being a “reliable” and “well-grounded” space dedicated to contemporary aphorisms in the world, especially as concerns aphoristic publications that have come out over the last 25 years (1985-2011).

In a genre like the aphoristic one, which is hardly considered by the publishing industry, critics and even encyclopaedias, Aforistica/mente especially wants to be a conjunction point among writers of aphorisms, aphoristic associations all over the world and readers of aphorisms. Those who will read these pages will find in-depth analyses and digressions on contemporary aphorisms with a look at what happens in the world with the exclusive translation of foreign writers who have never appeared in Italy. It is a laboratory of aphoristic readings and writings in a patchwork of quotations, reviews, analyses and book references.

In October 2010, during the Satira Fest, the blog Aforistica/mente was awarded the literary prize “Zlatni Krug” (“Golden Ring”) by the Belgrade Aphoristic Circle for the promotion of Serbian aphorisms.

In July 2011 2011 Fabrizio Caramagna awarded the honour prize at Naji Naaman’s Literary Prize (“Jawâ’iz Naji Naaman al-Adabîyya”). The aphorisms have been traslated in arabic and pubblished in lebanese anthology.

In september 2011 Fabrizio Caramagna has founded, with other writers, scholars, journalists and book series’ directors specialized in aphorism and other short forms, The Italian Association for the Aphorism (www.aiplaforisma.org).

In avril 2012 Fabrizio Caramagna published a collection of aphorisms called Linee di seta with the Como publishing house Lietocolle.


Fabrizio Caramagna edit this book:

Valeriu Butulescu, Oasi di sabbia – aforismi, (traslation by Alina Breje, Genesi Editrice, 2011)

The anthology bilingual (Romanian-Italian) called  Aforismul în Italia – Antologia Premiului “Torino in Sintesi”, Editura Focus, Petroşani 2011 (the Anthology of the Torino in Sintesi Award, Focus, Petroşani 2011). The anthology is traslated by Simona Enache.

Afocalypse, antologia dell’aforisma serbo contemporaneo (Aforisticamente, Torino, 2012). The antology, with 34 serbian aphorist, is traslated by Fabrizio Caramagna and Olja Arsic.

Fabrizio Caramagna’s aphorisms have been translated into serbian (review  Književni pregled, 2010), arabic (lebanese anthology Naji Naman 2011), romanian  (anthology Aforismul in Italia, 2011), in french (Revue Point Barre, nr. 11-12 2011) and polish (Aforyzmy o dogmatach, Miniatura, 2011 a cura di Mieczysław Kozłowski and Metafora, Kwartalnik literacko-artystyczny nr 2 2012 (83) a cura di Wojchiech Wiercioch).


Fabrizio Caramagna

6 risposte a About me

  1. Luba Ginovska ha detto:

    Complimenti per il suo lavoro!

  2. fabriziocaramagna ha detto:

    Lavoro che è appena all’inizio, quasi come quello di un Sisifo che ha appena iniziato a spingere la pietra… Ci sono molti paesi e molte culture ancora da studiare…Comunque grazie. Fabrizio

  3. Luba Ginovska ha detto:

    Quello che conta è la volontà di portare la cultura al di sopra delle frontiere geografiche! E’ di questo che abbiamo bisogno tutti, ma purtroppo per ora sono ancora in pochi quelli come Lei, che ci arrivano a capirlo! Ho scoperto il suo blog per puro caso e mi sono afrettata a farlo conoscere a tutti miei amici ed io mi prenderò il giusto tempo a leggerlo tutto! Grazie!

  4. Its such as you read my thoughts! You appear to know so much approximately this, such as you wrote the e book in it or something. I think that you simply can do with a few p.c. to power the message home a little bit, however other than that, this is excellent blog. A fantastic read. I’ll definitely be back.

  5. fabriziocaramagna ha detto:

    Grazie. Il mio lavoro è il lavoro di Sisifo ma c’è tanta passione…!


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